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I was born in Newcastle and I'm a proud Geordie.

When I was 13, my elder brother showed me his new camera: a Zenith E.

After warning me not to drop it, he let me have a hold.

I can still picture him, as I clumsily focused on his face. That was it - the moment which decided my future. 

I knew right then that I wanted to become a professional photographer.

Leaving school at 17, I persuaded a local commercial studio to let me hang around (in return for sweeping their floor!) and was eventually allowed to assist, before finally printing the black & white work. The rest, as they say, is history.


My career since then has covered most branches of photography and has given me a wonderful opportunity to see much of the world.

I have owned and managed several studios; training about 30 men and women to become professional photographers in their own right.

For the last 20 years, my life has been in South Devon. The drama of this coastline has enabled me to shoot seascapes - by far the most challenging and rewarding of all the genres. The ever-changing sky, wind and, of course, tide means you have control over nothing. You need the perfect balance of sheer luck and hard-won skill.

Looking through the lens requires me to view a subject with the intensity of a grown man's experience, whilst also recapturing the wonder of that 13-year-old boy.




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